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Silva Intuition Training for BLS prepaid



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Brief Description

Silva Intuition Training class prepaid for a graduate of the original BLS, Basic Lecture Series, class.
Click for explanation to read to make sure you qualify.

Extended Description

Pay this amount for the Silva Intuition Training class
- IF you are a graduate of the original BLS, Basic Lecture Series, class
- AND this is the first time you are taking this Intuition Training class
- AND you are paying more than 2 weeks prior to the class. Most classes are Saturday and Sunday. Pay this amount when you are registering before midnight of 2 Saturdays prior to the class.

This class is about 40% material from the BLS class AND 60% new material. Therefore we charge you less than half price for the first time you take this class. Then, of course, you have lifetime retake privileges for this class.

Here is an explanation of changes for BLS graduates:

Description of the design of the 2 foundational classes: 1.html

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