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What matters is how does a class help you to change your life for the better.
This is a place for graduates of my classes to share these changes. I also have here what famous people who are graduates have to say along wtih examples from the dozens of books that are written about the Silva Method and its effectiveness. If you have a testimonial please share it.

“I have used the Silva method of visualization for many years. It has helped me overcome illnesses and accidents and avoid surgery. He (Jose Silva) has helped millions of people tap into their minds to create perfect health. I urge you to look for his books and tapes and even attend his training sessions.

The Silva Method is shifting the energy. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to enhance their way of life.”

~ Dr. Wayne Dyer, Silva graduate, Inspirational Speaker and best-selling author of Your Erroneous Zones, Real Magic, Manifest Your Destiny, and the current best-seller, The Power of Intention ~ site

Testimonials for private sessions with Lamar Irwin, RScP, CSMI
There are more testimonials here at my Mind Technology site

My life has become more challenging as I want to change directions. I meditate everyday for at least 20 minutes but I’m stuck with minimal changes. After refreshing the Silva Method class, as a graduate, I had my free Silva Method Coaching session with Lamar. Now I feel focused and am seeing movement. I feel more in control. I realized that I was relaxing daily for years but was not focusing my life at the right brain level.
                                             L. T., Austin, Texas
“My advice to anyone considering whether or not to engage Lamar to provide his services is to listen to your heart, be sensitive to and trust your feelings, for without, and/or prior to, working with Lamar it is likely that one cannot understand nor perceive the process nor benefits. This is because you are unlikely to have experienced such a process before. I highly recommend Lamar - the man, the professional, the trainer - to you.”
                                             Philip R B.
                                             Founder and CEO
                                             Multi-Million Dollar Trading Firm
This testimonial is from a business coaching client. When we began his business was valued at around $600k. After a few months of coaching the valuation topped $1 milliong. A few years later this client sold his company for $500 million
I had this series of traumatic experiences with my family as a child concerning one area of my life. With your help I have permanently altered those memories to be supportive and have carried the resulting changes forward into my life. I am feeling so free and expressive in that area of my life now.
                                             Joy S., Austin, Texas

Your life TODAY is a result of what you were thinking YESTERDAY.
Your life TOMORROW is a result of what you are thinking NOW!

Choose your thoughts wisely
and you are creating your life consciously.

Click a topic to read testimonials about that life situation.
One of the most basic benefits is difficult to communicate to a student before the class. Everyone gets it after the class. This concept is that by taking this class you are learning direct control over your own MIND. Since everything in your life is a result of what your MIND has been focused upon (consciously and unconsciously) then you can choose ANY area of life to improve using the Silva Method techniques. Therefore the Silva Method teaches you techniques to change any and all areas of life that you wish to take MIND control over.

These are testimonials from people who have taken the Silva Method classes with me.

Lost Item
Arts and Creativity
Medical Doctor
Enhanced memory


My grades in previous quarters were C’s and low B’s. Now I am making A’s and B’s. I used the Silva Method test-taking technique for recalling answers when I didn’t remember them on my finals. My answers were right.
     Drexel University student, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


I’ve used the three scenes technique to program myself to get a the type of job I’ve been after for years. Within 5-6 weeks of taken the course I was able to land my dream job!!
      Omar from Toronto, Canada

Secured 6-figure income job
“Since beginning the Ultramind home study course, I have secured a job paying close to six figures, and have a shot at another which would pay significantly more. Add to that, the little family business that we began 8 months ago has all the promise of skyrocketing.
I’m not sure that I understand it all, but what does it matter ….. it’s working ! If live attendance is really that much more beneficial, I’ll walk to the seminar if necessary, regardless of how many states I have to cross.“
     John from Colorado

Do the results work for ordinary people in tough circumstance?
In Baltimore we conducted a class for homeless people.

70% of participants were able to find jobs within 2 weeks.
      Imagine what Silva Can Do for You.


Thank you very much for all the help. Mental Video technique already solved one problem with my investments. 2 days after doing it, the broker called to inform memy value was up 40% and he wanted a get together with me over dinner to discuss better and safer ways of protecting and increasing my assets.This is exactly what I programmed for in the second mental video and the project was called safe and increase!!. The exact words the broker used 2 days after doing the Mental videos.
Jim Fallon from Hinsdale, IL


I was in Lamar’s class in July 2007. Saturday evening I received a phone call that my son was being care-flighted to a hospital in northern Oklahoma after having an accident on an ATV vehicle. I remained calm and knew I had to drive up there. I called Lamar to tell him I wouldn’t be in class on Sunday. I felt in control of my emotions. That was new for me. I normally would have immediately imagined the worst possible outcome and been frantic. But I handled it with a sense of calm and purpose (to get to my son as soon as possible). Just one day of being exposed to half the class of being in control of my physical and mental states I realize now how we can calm our mind to allow us to be more creative and in control of our process of making decisions.
Charlie R., Austin, Texas

Lost Item

I went to level the other day and located my cell phone that had been missing for 5 days!!! YEAH me! It was the coolest thing. I went up to my lab and watched myself on screen and actually saw where I had put it. Of course, all week long I turned my house upside down looking for it, so it was amazing to find it by going to level.
     Wendi M., Port Arthur, Texas

Arts and Creativity



Attracting love into my life and helping me lose weight
I began to see improvement physically. Myjoint pain disappeared and my energy level was up.I also began to attract people – especially men, in a way that I never before experienced. I also had people say to meI looked 10 years younger and wanted to know what I did.I lost weight.
       Mary from CA


I needed help with my computer business. I had an idea to use my laboratory and counselors so I went to my lab. I projected the current state of my business up on my mental screen including what was working and not working. I asked what do I do? I heard to find a business manager. So I said: I don’t how to go about finding the right person. You guys make it clear how I do this. I immediately saw the face of a woman I had met previously as a web marketer. I trusted that and called her to have lunch. I asked her at lunch and she said that she had those skills but had not thought about using them until about a week prior when she told her boyfriend that she would like to do something with that again. Talk about synchronicity.
     Lamar Irwin, Austin, Texas

Medical Doctor’s Testimonial

Something seems to be happening, I am not sure what, but luck seems to be improving some and the daily worries don’t seem to be getting to me…such as under staffing and problems with interactions between staff and patients.Even had the comment that I looked happier than I had in a long time. Headaches are almost gone, too. I am rapidly getting sold on the UltraMind system as you can probably tell, which would also explain my eagerness in finding a seminar to take. One other thing that I have noticed is that I seem to have more endurance than I have had since the accident 2 years ago. I do contribute that to the system. The brain power seems to be back to normal.
     Calvin P. Poole, Jr. M.D from Gloster, Mississippi


Family has been getting staph infections regularly for 2 years. Man - two times, Woman - 3 times, one child - 3 times, one child - 2 times, one child - never. Mom, Silva graduates, went to level and took a blood sample. She put it under a microscope and saw bugs. She prepared a shot for each family member and gave it to them. Then she took another sample and looked at it under a microscope. She saw no bugs and knows they are all cured. None of them have had a staph infection since she did this.
     Wendi M., Port Arthur, Texas


Medical Healing
Wow. I can’t believe that I had a skin graft two weeks ago. My foot was still swollen. I went to level to get rid of the swelling.This morning I woke up and my ankle was normal size. It will probably swell again, but I’m going back to level and get rid of it again.This stuff works. I love it.

     Lorie Crawford


I spent more than $6000 since 2001 trying to be able to sleep for more than two hours before waking up. I tried prescription pills, hypnosis, special equipment... and none of it worked. I took the class in December 2007. Saturday night, after the first day of the two day class, I was able to sleep for seven hours. Plus, from the dream control technique, I was able to remember my dream for the first time. Update as of summer 2008: I am still sleeping uninterrupted during the night.
     Diana A, Austin, Texas

I oftentimes have to go with little sleep as I’m going around helping people. I use the Silva Method to program myself when I go to sleep that each hour of sleep rejuvenates me as if I am having 2 or 3 hours of sleep for every hour. It works!
     Dr. Joseph Huerta, San Antonio, Texas


Mental Sports Training
Visualization, mental rehearsal, stress management, and intuition are as much a part of an athlete’s training regimen as diet, exercise, and sport specific practice. The Silva System allows instant access to these mental techniques
     Lance R. Miller, International Shooting Coach; Director, Fla. State Junior Olympic Camp; 1995, USA Shooting, Coach of the Year. from

“To help his fencers develop a strategy, Andrzej Wojcikiewicz, a sports psychologist and former coach of the Canadian National Fencing Team used a special Silva’s Technique. “One fencer imagined putting on the head of a world champion before a match, got the feeling, took off the “helmet”, and then fenced the match with a great success. This techniques was used by some fencers before unusually difficult bouts in order to instinctively plan the correct strategy for the fencing match.”“
     Andrzej Wojcikiewicz, a sports psychologist and former coach
      of the Canadian National Fencing Team from Canada

Landmark research study, Cecelia A. Prediger of Nyack Junior High School, New York, documented for the first time the dramatic amount of total improvement, as measured by goals scored, that takes place when athletes combine mental rehearsal and physical practice.

70% improvement with physical practice only
60% improvement using Silva Method mind practice technique only
170% improvement using both

Studies by other researchers had demonstrated that mental practice at the Alpha level has almost as much benefit as the same amount of time spent in physical practice.
The study confirmed their research, and went on to show an electrifying increase in goals scored when the total practice time is divided equally between mental and physical practice.”
     Performance Enhancement through Visualization and Mental Rehearsal, Cecelia A. Prediger, Published by Silva International, Inc., 1987. from Nyack Junior High School, Nyack, New York, 1987.

Enhanced memory

I love the memory pegs. I teach massage therapy at the community college. I have to evaluate a massage by receiving from the students. When there is something I need to remember to tell them about what they are doing I cannot stop the massage to get a piece of paper and pen and make a note. Instead I use the memory pegs. When the massage is over I go down the list of memory pegs and the correction or acknowledgement point is contained in the image.
     Stacey Lemire, LMT, Austin, Texas

The only reason to invest in yourself and clear the time for an entire weekend and pay for a class is to Better Your Life. At least, that’s why I am teaching and continue to learn and support others who want to make a difference in their own lives thus freeing themselves to make a difference in the world.

Graduates reported this within days of taking the class:

I made a choice to do something I had been delaying and doubting the day after the seminar. This choice then resulted in my having to spend half what I thought it would cost with the price I wanted showing up the very next day.

My memory has improved

I am able to handle a high-paced life with greater ease because I know how to get the benefit of hours worth of sleep in minutes.

I see more detail in my mental imagery

I see possibilities in life where before I was full of limits.

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