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What graduates say within a week:

My memory has gotten better. / When I close my eyes I see things in greater detail.

I acted on something I have been putting off and had an immediate benefit from doing so.

I can now sleep less than 8 hours and feel refreshed anyway. / I am remembering dreams that have insight into situations.

Specific benefits:

(As this method is highly adaptable to ALL situations in life, this is simply a list of commonly found benefits)

  • De-stress like never before: Long relaxation
  • Quick relaxation
  • Take tests easier
  • Remember reading/lecture material with less effort
  • Study less and do better in school
  • Improve your memory
  • Focus your thoughts
  • Think outside the box
  • Sleep control
  • Awake without an alarm clock
  • Stay awake
  • Power napping
  • Headache and Pain control
  • Remember your dreams
  • Program your dreams to solve problems
  • Change Limiting Beliefs
  • Change Habits
  • Instant anesthesia method
  • Creativity Laboratory

I’ll continue to list more...
...and the bottom line is that this class provides you with the Fundamental tools to Direct your Life in the way you choose. Using this fundamental foundation you can begin to alter your life, behavior, beliefs and choices to be in alignment with what you want in life.

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Detailed benefits:

Children/Teenagers become better at taking tests and focusing on lessons. They comment that they can play more because they can spend less time doing homework.

Part of the class is:

  • Learning to anchor in information that you are reading or listening to in a lecture.
  • A Test-Taking procedure with great results
  • Memory enhancement

I can teach this class to children as young as seven years old. Depending on the maturity of a child s/he can sit in on an adult’s class. They ‘get’ this stuff much faster than adults tend to. Once you take this you will understand why.

I’ll be listing more benefits here. Check back in...

Jose Silva said that our original senses are clairvoyance, knowing, connection to others, that sixth sense and more. The five senses that we all pay attention to are the physical senses.

As a result of the class you will begin to remember and learn to use your original senses.

As an engineer this makes sense to me and is not to be put in that woo-woo category that people conveniently use to discount anything new in life.

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