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Silva Life System Seminar

The Silva Life System is the key to achieving your goals and the life of your dreams—easily and naturally. This educational system is the How-To of applying the concepts in the movie The Secret which primarily focuses on the Law of Attraction. Silva International has been teaching people for decades how to use the faculties of your genius mind, visualization and imagination, to have a deeper, richer and fuller experience of life.

Where your Mind goes… your Life Flows

Silva International continues to build a network of Empowered People around the globe who Create Lives of their own Design. Each person, as a result, develops a winning attitude which helps to propel them even further into living fuller and richer lives of achievement.

The fundamental concept is that you will learn mind-directing tools to manage your mental, emotional and creative states thereby gaining dominion over your Mind thus over your life. To accomplish your mission on this planet, you are designed to be a unique generator of your own thoughts, emotions and actions while on this earth. Therefore we teach you the crucial skills to control your Inner Dimensional States.

Life does not happen to us
Life happens through us

Learn about the many factors that cause your life to be as it is:

  • Perspective is the defining moment of power
  • Languaging – The language you use in your head and verbally forms your life results
  • Pre-seeing – We are constantly pre-seeing our life BEFORE it happens. It is imperative to pre-see what you desire – NOT the undesired.
  • Problem Solving – Learn to shift your mind to the channel of solution NOT the channel of problem
  • Initiating change in the most effective mindset causes you to ALLOW changes rather than MAKE changes

You learn that we are designed with Two Modes of Awareness: the Action mode and Inner Creation mode. The techniques let you shift between these two modes by choice for a better, richer and fuller life.

These are some of the empowering life-skill techniques in the Silva Life System seminar:

  • Deep Relaxation, physically and mentally. De-stress on Cue
  • Sleep Control to enter healthful sleep without medication and outside crutches
  • Clock Technique to wake up without an alarm clock
  • Awake Control to remain awake and energized without taking substances
  • Dream Control to remember your dreams and program them for creative solutions/ideas
  • Hand Levitation to enter an even deeper state of mind
  • Headache/Pain Control to relieve pain naturally sometimes leading to not having it anymore
  • Glove Anesthesia for biological control in traumatic situations
  • Glass of Water for a multitude of purposes
  • Mental Screen for activating your genius mind faculties, visualization and imagination
  • Memory Pegs for enhancing memory and stimulating clairvoyance
  • Three Fingers technique – a versatile method used for a multitude of purposes
  • For students: Speed Learning and a uniquely effective 3-Pass Test Taking technique
  • Mirror of the Mind for changing bad situations into good ones and for energizing goals
  • Habit Control: Weight and Smoking and others
  • Mental Laboratory is your creative laboratory with an infinite possibility of uses
  • Access to Your Genius Counselors for guidance, wisdom and inspiration
  • Everyday problem solving and conflict resolution
  • Creating Healing Circles and sending healing energy to others

Harness your dormant powers lying within you… silently nudging you to your greatness

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