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Silva Intuitive Mind class
formerly Silva UltraMind ESP

Master your effectiveness at controlling your Inner Conscious Awareness and you will love the life you live!

The careful, time-tested, tried and true, progressive learning process for developing ESP is what separates The Silva Method from any other program. Note that we define ESP as Effective Sensory Projection since there is nothing ‘extra’ about your Inner Senses, as the old concept of extra sensory perception suggests.

This seminar focuses greatly on the development of intuition, inner awareness and influencing healing in others. In addition, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to Find Your Life’s Purpose
  • Establish a constant connection with your Source Energy
  • Hone and Enhance Your Intuition so that it is useful in your everyday life
  • Discuss the nature of Who You Are and the Triune aspect of Having, Being and Doing

The Benefits include:

  • To live a life with purpose
  • Fulfill your mission on earth
  • Visioning to catch glimpses of your higher life
  • Develop Your Creative Powers to Propel you towards this intent
  • Function as multidimensional beings
  • Make wise choices and decisions
  • Solve problems creatively for you and others
  • Learn to become a Medical Intuitive
  • Accelerate yours and others Healing Remotely
    note: read the book Getting Well Again by Dr. Carl O. Simonton who researched this
  • Plant Seeds of Purpose for Your Life

This seminar consists of the following techniques:

  • Deep Relaxation by directing the mind
  • Use your Mental Screen for harnessing your life
  • HoloViewing to charge your creative process
  • The TeleMind concept of Reality
  • Do Psychometry
  • Visioning
  • Working with your All-Knowing Personal Tutor
  • Projection to Home
  • Projection to Tree during Season Changes
  • Projection to Leaves
  • Projection to Pet
  • Human Anatomy
  • Case Working
    • Medical Intuition
    • Healing

May the rest of your life be the Best of your life
Jose Silva, Founder of the Silva Method

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