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Relax Your Way To Success

Relax Your Way to Success - Learn the dire and insidious effects of stress. Realize how bad decisions are made and how to prevent from making them again... and again. In its place learn how great decisions are made. Plus learn the initial steps to take instantly.

Stress is never for you. Stress always works against you.

Stress has insidious and specifics effects that cause you to make bad decisions. Besides, the American Medical Association has now recognized that at least 80% of all illnesses are stress related. Over 90% of all headaches are stress related. Consider the expense of having stressed employees. Consider the increased retention rate when employees feel relatively stress free in the work environment.

In addition to health degradation, stress actually cuts off the use or our wonderfully developed neocortex brain. Under stress our ancient mammalian brain is predominant while you experience the fight or flight syndrome where all of your focus

In just three hours your employees will learn the most effective instant relaxation techniques that have been taught to millions of graduates around the globe. Our unique techniques, researched for over six decades, utilize a fractional relaxation focused thought method.

This is taught in a 3-hour format that provides the information for relaxation and the highly-effective Silva-created Short and Long Relax methods to enter deep states of mental and physical relaxation. At the end of the class you will understand the importance of handling stress immediately before making decisions and taking action. Plus you will be able to de-stress on cue in just a few moments.

If you also want to provide additional methods that would improve the work environment and your employees’ lives, the class time can be expanded. Some of the optional techniques include:

  • Behavioral Change
    • Stop Smoking
    • Lose weight
    • Any behavioral change
  • Setting and Energizing goals using scientifically researched activities in your mind
  • Changing bad situations into positive situations
  • Creativity Sparks
    • Program your dreams for creative solutions/ideas. This has been used by inventors and creative people throughout history.
  • Student/Learning Improvement
    • Speed learning
      • Reading
      • Attending lectures
    • 3-Pass Test-Taking Technique that is uniquely effective
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