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Better Life Seminar
a.k.a. the original Basic Lecture Series class

Note: This class is not being taught at this time. Please visit the two foundational classes: Silva Life System and Silva Intuition Training

However, there is something in the mid to long-term planning: I want to do a 5 day retreat at a nice location and teach both of the new foundational classes plus the techniques that have been removed. There will be much more time spent ‘at level’ (optimized state of mind for changing things in life). Plus there will be some movement-based examples and learning tools. If someone reads this and has interest please send me a message -

The Basic Lecture Series, BLS, class as instructors have been teaching in a 2, 3 or 4 day format is changed and renewed. More info is on the home page.

Here is some information about that class for those interested in that class taught around the globe for 40+ years.

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I am calling this the Better Life Seminar, BLS. It is complete submersion into the whole experience as has been accomplished for more than four decades for millions of graduates in more than 110 countries... so far. PLUS you will receive the new techniques. You will learn all of the techniques from both classes, spend more time at alpha level [the state of Mind that you learn to dynamically use] and create more community.

Beginning in 2008 I will likely only offer the weekend format of the BLS class when traveling or when it serves a particular group’s needs. Otherwise I will be offering the four-day class in 3 formats: retreats, two weekends and 10-weeks formats. The advantages are great for the longer format of the entire class. It allows for more time to integrate the material, more time at alpha [the rejuvenative level of mind where you learn to practice Dynamic Meditation] and more time together helps people feel more connected.

Jose Silva had a vision for the world. With these tools people are empowered in their own lives and they have fulfilling lives. Thus people are supportive and helpful towards each other. He created a statement that is used in the class. The only way we are going to create a movement that uplifts Central Texas is to create community. This is an excerpt:

You will continue to strive to take part in constructive and creative activities to make this a better world to live in, so that when we move on, we shall have left behind a better world for those who follow. you will consider the whole of humanity... as fathers or mothers, brothers or sisters, sons or daughters....

I believe that this is the fundamental nature of mankind until our fear of survival separates us from others in our own minds. There has just been some destructive training done in different societies. ‘Why’ doesn’t matter. All that matters is that since the nature of mankind is fundamentally positive and balanced once you have these tools to positively influence your own life that bad training melts away as if it did not exist

3 time formats for the Better Life Seminar

Retreat setting - 4 days with time in class and out of class each day.

2 Weekends: Saturday and Sunday 9 am - 7 pm

9 Weeknights, 3 hours each night plus 1 Saturday 9 am - 6 pm

Investment is $995.00
Receive Student Manual, Long Relax CD, Student ID Card, Lifetime retake privileges
Financing is available through an interview process
Graduates seat fee for retaking will adjust depending on room costs.
Graduates of the 2-1/2 day format will pay $200.
$30/day for seat fee to retake the long format once you have taken this format (more than a weekend time)

As with all classes and services, if you want to host in your city/country let’s talk.

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