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Mind Technology™ is the company through which I teach the Silva Method classes. I provide other classes and services and publish my articles.
Please visit for more options and published articles.

Unusually successful results come from this unorthodox mind training program. Once you are practicing you will soon find that your imagination is the only limiting factor in life.

Entire companies, select departments, branches, executive teams, marketing departments, sales, human resources and others have been trained in the complete Silva Method classes with unusually successful results. The bottom line for all people who take this training is that those who desire to achieve and take this very unique, one of a kind, program will find that this takes ‘thinking outside the box’ to new levels of creativity... and all on cue.

Innovative business owners have seen the benefit of sending their employees through the course. In the forty year history there are many examples of multinational corporations and small businesses who have found their sales increase, they develop creative marketing items and have happier employees.

Employers find that productivity increases and retention increases significantly. When the employees own lives are working then they are better employees.

Currently Robert Stiller, founder of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters trains every employee in the complete Silva Method, that is two classes.

Services for Individuals

  • Silva Method Graduate Private Sessions
  • Momentum Life Coaching
  • Ultimate Business Coaching
  • Teach classes to one person

Training for groups

  • Intuition in Business
  • Relax Your Way To Success
  • Effective Communication
  • Decision-Making Skills & Directing Tasks and Goals
  • The ‘Supreme with Everything’ Training
    Ultimate Business Through Paradigm Shifts using the globally established Silva Method.

From a business owner who trains all employees in the Silva Method

“By offering the Silva Method to [our] employees we provide an opportunity to experience for themselves the power of the mind… Experiencing the Silva techniques, rather than just hearing people talk about it, is very powerful. It’s like the difference between seeing a travelogue about the Grand Canyon and personally standing on the edge of it… Silva demonstrates that there is no limit to what the mind can do.”

Robert Stiller, Pres & CEO of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and Forbes Magazine 2001 Entrepreneur of the Year

The single best way for a business, a medical group or other focused group to test this training method is to arrange to take the 3-hour Stress Management class called Relax Your Way to Success.

This class is the premier stress management class because we teach you control over the physiological effects of stress on your mind and body. Those cognitive therapies do not work until you transform the physiological effects. And we teach you how to do this in just moments so that you have control in every moment with a simple two-step process.

Contact us today to arrange for this class at your location or call to see when the next public class will be held.

Services for Individuals about Business
In some cases this will work for very select small teams.

** Silva Method Graduate Private Session

Prerequesite: Graduate of a Silva Method class

Change a problem in your life into a project. Identify the specifics of applying Silva Method techniques to work the project into fruition. This class is for those Silva Method Graduates who want to create a life where their desires are continuously happening.

For every new student you get into a new complete class receive $50 credit with Mind Technology™.
$available - Custom Silva Method Program Cycle created and recorded for you. This is usually valuable to the person who wants some external assistance by listening to a cycle. Doing this helps those

** Momentum Life Coaching

Purpose: To coach, teach and support you in gaining mastery

This service has no prerequisites except your sincere desire to live a better life. The approach involves assisting you to define, intuit, act and create your life, your business or your dream project. I will provide you with the guidance, the education and the tools to excel and live a dynamic life that is fulfilling. You will provide yourself with a sincere curiosity to learn, an internal drive to excel and the belief that you will accomplish so much more than you ever dreamed possible.

To quote one of my teachers: I will comfort you when you are feeling wounded and provide a loving kick in the butt when you are feeling too comfortable, always with the intent to support you into living a better life.

I consider my overall goal for you is that your life starts gaining momentum in your desired direction and that you learn the tools to keep it going. Through experience it takes a good focus of mind for six weeks to create noticeable movement in one’s life. That is why I strongly recommend committing to six sessions to begin with. It will serve some people to continue growing and having increasing support. For as long as I am making a difference in your life I will support you in having sessions.

$150 per session - up to 1 hr 30 min
In-person or via phone

$750 for 6 sessions - Pay for 5 and receive 1 session free

$75 surcharge for onsite travel within the Austin metroplex

Optional: $varies - Guided Visualization exercise customized for you

** Ultimate Business Coaching

Ultimate Business Coaching is a specialized Focusing Service. The goal is for the business owner or the corporate department manager to excel and to lead in his or her field. The uniqueness is evident in the recognition that the client is the genesis of the business and therefore is the genius in it. I simply assist you in finding those answers and teaching you how to find them. That is where the multiple approaches that only I have acquired allows this service to be so effective.

This is only for the determined and adventurous business owner or corporate department manager. Using Inner-Genius Coaching, Video Feedback, the Laws of Life, Mind-Directing exercises and an abundance of commitment, clients will experience a dynamic momentum that builds to plant them firmly on the path to success, achievement and fulfillment. I will only take a few clients simultaneously doing this program because of the commitment it takes on both of our parts; of course, more on your part. This is about your building up to generating a dynamic pace of changes to get you where you desire to be.

This begins with a minimum of a three-month commitment to the program. We will meet weekly or every two weeks depending on desires and objectives. You have an additional four hours of phone time for each month of coaching.

Why should someone choose me? You wonder how effective I may or may not be for you. The right guide can be a comfort and a catalyst and will see into your realm of possibilities with you. I am varied in my background that includes: degreed electrical engineer, lived and worked in the Far East and the Middle East, apprenticed with The Natale Institute, an EST-ish program with a strong Easter Guru flavor, RScP = Licensed Spiritual Counselor with the United Centers for Spiritual Living, CSMI = Certified Silva Method Instructor. Video Feedback method for Inner-Genius Coaching. Check my bio for a broader description.

Call for pricing.
Half payment is due at the beginning with the balance due in 40 days.
10% discount for paying all up front.
$included - Custom Program Cycle recorded

** Spiritual Counseling

Be aware that my license as a Spiritual Counselor is held with United Centers for Spiritual Living, formerly Religious Science, aka Science of Mind. This and the Silva Method are not related except in my own experience of life.

A Spiritual Counseling session will help you approach your life desires from a deeper level in life. Sessions will help anyone who desires to go deeper including the person with a dream, Sometimes patterns can be revealed that correspond to one’s relationship with their Divine Authority.

  • Establish a spiritual foundation
  • Work with the Law of Attraction and other Natural Laws of Life
  • Deal with a troublesome life problem
  • Discover and heal emotional pains in the past
  • Halt a recurring pattern

** Private teaching of a class.

Sometimes there are circumstances where it is best to take a class in a private environment or maybe for a couple or business partners or by yourself. You will have personally tailored classes that are shaped by your focus and questions.

  • Silva Life System
  • Silva UltraMind ESP
  • Silva Better Life Seminar
  • Relaxation Seminar
  • Customization

$Call to discuss circumstances and options

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