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Lamar Irwin

Personal Vision: I operate from the continually unfolding Depth of Spirit that I Am; that we all are.

Personal Mission: I assist, educate and enthuse people into living their Truth.

Lamar Irwin is founder of Mind Technology™, a company with its intent as Wisdom, Education & Research for a Better Life. He is an Electrical Engineer from Texas A&M University. He founded and currently runs PC and Web Services, an IT Consulting Firm providing technology solutions and peace of mind to businesses and residential computer users.

Lamar brings to his Silva Method classes a multi-perspective approach from his varied background as a business owner, different corporate experiences, living around the world and as an experienced trainer. He has added an additional dimension to the class so that each student gains a direct experience of how to apply The Silva Method. This makes for an easier transition from the classroom to real life so that the student may choose to use these life tools.

Lamar experience as a trainer, business coach, life coach and spiritual counselor. He has been doing trainings, experiential education workshops, board retreats and leading groups in California, Colorado and Texas for more than 20 years. He provides Seminars, Business Coaching, Life Coaching, Spiritual Counseling and in-house Trainings for companies, groups, entrepreneurs and individuals. He is a licensed Spiritual Counselor, RScP, with the Church of Religious Science, a new thought Christian church with its intent to teach people what the masters taught is each persons’ potential. This required four years of classes, tests and he has to renew his license every two years by proving he continues to make a difference in peoples’ lives. PLEASE NOTE: the Silva Method is a secular class founded on the bicameral nature of life, science and effective Mind-Directing tools.


His first job out of college took him overseas to live for almost five years in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia; living and traveling internationally was the fulfillment of a childhood vision. While overseas he first took the Silva Method Basic Lecture Series in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The immediate benefits were: (1) the ability to de-stress in a highly demanding and stressful occupation and (2) the ability to become a noticeably more effective engineer by applying the Silva Method tools. More fundamentally taking the Silva Method sparked an innate curiosity about life’s big questions and launched him on his ongoing personal development journey. This resulted in a dual career path that has made life both interesting and rewarding.

Recognizing a desire to become a teacher, which was sparked in a training in 1986, he has been gaining his “Personal Development degree” for over twenty years and has learned and apprenticed with four major training organizations. In this diversity he learned to utilize several training methods and class scenarios to achieve course goals.

By training with different organizations while working for small business and multinational corporations and then as an entrepreneur, Lamar has honed his experiences, observations and skills into a uniquely effective training system.


“My advice to anyone considering whether or not to engage Lamar to provide his services is to listen to your heart, be sensitive to and trust your feelings, for without, and/or prior to, working with Lamar it is likely that one cannot understand nor perceive the process nor benefits. This is because you are unlikely to have experienced such a process before. I highly recommend Lamar - the man, the professional, the trainer - to you.”

Philip R B.
Founder and CEO
Multi-Million Dollar Trading Firm

This testimonial is from a business coaching client. When we began his business was valued at around $600k. After a few months of coaching the valuation topped $1 milliong. A few years later this client sold his company for $500 million.


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