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Learn to tune the frequency of your Mind to receive what you desire just as you tune the frequency in your FM radio to receive the station you desire... leading to an abundance of creative solutions, fulfilling achievements and loving relationships.

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“The greatest discovery you’ll ever make... is the potential of your own Mind.”
      Jose Silva, Creator and Founder

Jose Silva, the founder of the Silva Method, had a simple dream for his family when he began researching in the 1940’s that turned into a global dream for humanity in a few short decades.

He had ten children and always heard them say about their grades in school that they knew the answers to the test questions but got nervous and could not remember them while taking the test. Jose wanted his children to have a better life than he had growing up, as all parents desire.

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“May the rest of your life... the best of your life.”
           Jose Silva

Proven method to Increase your grades

Since Jose owned an electronics business and had an intense curiosity about psychology and hypnosis he was poised to introduce a new concept to humanity. We can tune the frequency of our Mind just as we tune the frequency in our radios. Tune to FM 90.5 in Austin to listen to KUT. In the class you learn to tune your Mind to a teacher’s class subject when you are studying and taking the test to catalog and retrieve the information. That is the genesis of the 3 techniques specifically designed for students and educators: studying, attending a lecture and 3-pass test-taking methods.

With another thirty or so techniques for each student Jose Silva ended up creating the first Whole Brain educational system on the planet that now has millions of graduates. It has repeatable results, works and is backed by a money-back guarantee.

By tapping into 50% of the brain that society has not valued in traditional educational systems, the creative hemisphere, the Silva Method gives its students the ability to interact with the world using BOTH the logical (left) AND the creative (right) hemispheres of the students’ brains. It is as if the student walks out into life seeing a new dimension to what is possible that was not seen before. The student experiences life as being a bit brighter than before as if a Light was turned on. All of the sudden there are resources and possibilities that did not exist 2 days prior to completing the class. This is the crux of the course. This is the very definition of Personal Empowerment. You now have the tools to direct your life as you desire it to be

Sign Up NOW! You cannot afford not to gain the tools that world renowned professionals in all fields have used to be world-renowned professionals.

What are your goals?

How important are they?

What are you willing to do?

Are they Important enough to you to learn the tools that are helping millions around the world achieve their goals?


Now is the time for you, your kids, your family, your friends, your coworkers to become equipped for the next level of achievement.

The original four-day course that has been taught to millions of people around the globe in 111 countries for decades has been updated and changed. New and updated exercises are added. There are two new classes, They are updated and changed to take the next wave of people into finding that place inside themselves where they find that personal power and become empowered. Their life starts working better, they feel fulfilled and they have a newfound sense of appreciation for their fellow mankind.

It is a new dawn for the Silva Method in 2008

The Basic Lecture Series, BLS, class as instructors have been teaching in a 2, 3 or 4 day format is changing. Beginning in 2008 I will likely only offer the weekend format of the BLS class when traveling or when it serves a particular group’s needs. Otherwise I will be offering the four-day class in 3 formats: retreats, two weekends and 10-weeks formats. The advantages are great for the longer format of the entire class. It allows for more time to integrate the material, more time at alpha [the rejuvenative level of mind where you learn to practice Dynamic Meditation] and more time together helps people feel more connected.

Jose had a vision for the world. With these tools people are empowered in their own lives and they have fulfilling lives. Thus people are supportive and helpful towards each other. People do not need competition, jealousy and all of those emotions that lead people to act unkind towards each other when they know that they are directing their lives.

The class used to be taught in a 4-day 12-hour per day format. That just does not work for peoples’ schedules these days. Therefore with new understandings and research on the mind, new techniques have been added, old ones have been retooled and now this Life-Enhancing material is available in two different classes:

Silva Life Systems and Silva Intuitive Mind trainings

Then there is the first Relaxation Seminar that teaches people, in just a few hours, how to Relax on Cue thus setting the stage for making better decisions in business and in life. This is explained in the class. This class is taught to corporations, businesses and groups on request.

For those who desire a personal touch, you can do some one-on-one Momentum Life Coaching.

And for the business owner and corporate manager who has an insatiable appetite to succeed there is the incredibly focused Ultimate Business Coaching personal intensive sessions.

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You cannot afford not to gain the tools that successful people in all fields have used to be successful people around the globe.

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